Vandalized Innocence – Part 1

No_Child_LaborTrafficking can happen anywhere and in any field. After sex trade & forced labor, my belief is this trafficking happens more in Armed Forces section. Recently the use of children in the armed forces are rising. According to a report published in 2013 (Trafficking in Person)  the child soldiers count has increased up to 30% from what was in 2012. 

Children, like any other can be can be driven to join armed groups. This demand is mainly created among those kids who are trafficked. Often they start feeling this, taking arms in hands will provide them with an opportunity to have new family, food, care and protection. Once the children are recruited, they are forced to stay and the force often happens through threats of harm, physical abuse, and intimidation. Often these activities are labelled as volunteer…

Most of the kids join here to take revenge for some abuse, violence or some other stuffs they’ve experienced. When the kids start feeling guilty or lost over something, this is the moment these traffickers use to fine-tune them according to their wish.

And there are few kids who join the armed groups just for adventure… Hell, right?!? And there are real volunteers who thinks that by joining armed forces, they can stand up to the Country and they can do their bit.. This might be true if they finish their education and/ or joins Armed Forces once of age…

Children in countries facing pervasive insecurity are exceedingly susceptible to recruitment in armed conflict. By understanding the ways and reasons that children become forcibly involved in armed conflict, international organizations will be better able to address children’s vulnerabilities.

****The views expressed in this article is my own view and if you wanna fight with me against this, better be ready with valid facts… 


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