Vandalized Innocence … Introduction

So far, people have been thinking that the face of human trafficking, is typically female. Not only illiterate think this, but those who are educated and well settled also don’t have any idea that men too are the victims of human trafficking…

There is an assumption that females are the victims and males are perpetrators. But no, in certain cases it turns out the other way… 

I know “male prostitute” is an uncommonly heard term, that too in India it is not at all heard for 98% people. But then,“male sex trafficking victim” is known to only 99.5% people is what I think. Male sex trafficking is something that is a new concept and people think it might have emerged in recent years.. But no.. This is in practise for such a long period.. Only difference is we’ve been concentrating only on one race and forgot this poor male category.. They have been subjected to this commercial sexual exploitation in many countries around the world, and they even outnumber female victims within certain subcategories of trafficking. Especially they’ve outnumbered in the porn industry…

Human Trafficking experts must learn to devote equal attention to all genders while screening.. Ignoring these facts leads in a very dangerous path – it will lead to the abandonment of tens of thousands of victims.

There are so many perspectives that only weaker-sex is victimized, only rural area is targeted and so many… But this notion is wrong & very harmful too..  While women obviously deserve protection, correcting false perceptions is the first step toward ensuring that male society is also safe..

The male sex industry in Mumbai is not unlike that of many other major tourist cities of the world. Because of a lack of enforcement of trafficking laws, corrupt police and government officials, and an overall ignorance of boys’ participation in the thriving sex industry,  make sex work an expedient, last-resort option for those young men who are been trafficked and/ or detained there by choice…. So many men from rural and tribal come in search of employment and they were targeted here… 

Human trafficking, and sex trafficking in particular, is not just a “women and girls” issue: it is a human issue… And let’s not make men and boys as the invisible population… 

****The views expressed in this article is my own view and if you wanna fight with me against this, better be ready with valid facts…


What do you think about this?

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