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Read my Eyes

Being soft skill trainer, I gotta use lot of skills to understand people and at times, I fail in doing so… We all wear masks but then not all the time we can maintain that right???

So while thinking how to read/ judge people, came across an article on understanding people just by looking at their eyes… Always we have asked people to maintain eye contact.. believe me, there are so many people who do without knowing why… 🙂

So, since I have taught importance of eye contact and reading facial expressions, thought this article might be useful, atleast a bit … I haven’t covered entirely, but have tried to put everything in simple terms… 

  1. I’m thinking hard

Look into my eyes and ask me to name the person who founded Indian National Army, and I would say Netaji without any change in my pupil. But ask me to explain the laws of Trigonometry and watch my dilated pupils.

You know why my pupils dilated? Research has shown that the harder our brain works, the more our pupils dilate.. Interesting huh??!!?!

  1. Overloaded Brain

Keep watching my eyes closely and you’ll spot the point when explaining the laws of cricket gets too much. Our pupils will constrict when our brain is overloaded with information, like if you try explaining Trigonometry to me my brain cannot process it immediately as I never had any interest in that…

  1. Damaged Brain

The reason doctors and paramedics flash a light in patients’ eyes is to check their brains are working normally (and because it’s such an easy test to do). They use the acronym PERRL: the Pupils should be Equal, Round and Reactive to Light.

Even I didn’t know for a long time!

  1. I’m interested

Dilated pupils can also signal whether I’m interested in what you’re saying. I’m likely to be interested in anything new, so my pupils will dilate a bit at first, but they’ll only stay dilated if I continue to be interested.

  1. Disgusted feeling

Just as I have dilated pupils when I’m interested, so they constrict when I’m disgusted…

  1. I’m on drugs

…and you can narrow down the type by looking at my pupils. Some drugs, like alcohol cause the pupils to constrict. Wherein cocaine and few others cause dilated pupils. Police officers use this to check people.. 

There are few more too,which I will come up with in next article…

What do you think about this?

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