Living with Endometriosis: What is it like?

The pain got worse and worse. Eventually it was unbearable… I felt exhausted all the time. There were times, where all I wished for is to stay in bed… the whole time…

A research says that there are millions of women living with Endometriosis.

The pain for those who are having endometriosis may differ but they have to face the pain. This is some unbearable pain. There are few women who have to face some physical and emotional challenges at times.

For those who are with Endometriosis, they will be affected with all the aspects of life. School, work, relationships, social engagements and all day-to-day activities.

So when doctor says, “You are having Endometriosis” don’t get confused or afraid. This is something which is normal. Let me put it in simple words here…

We, women have a tissue that lines the inside of our uterus. For a woman with endometriosis, this tissue has grown outside of her uterus on other places, such as her ovaries or fallopian tubes. This growth may bleed the same way the lining of her uterus does when she has her period every month. This causes swelling and the pain…

The pain isn’t just “bad period cramps” or something an over-the-counter pain reliever can help. A woman with endometriosis can have different kinds of pain. So try to understand not all pain is same.

As quoted by someone, Endometriosis can take control over your life…



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