Homosexuality: The Forbidden Love

In our modern, civilized society we say that homosexuality is a sin and our ancestors never accepted such thing as this is against nature.. Right?? Let’s rewind a little back, to our ancestral world… We have this tradition of tolerating all kinds of beliefs, faiths… We are ready to believe that if a man ties a knot for a donkey, we will be showered with rain…  Weird huh?? There are so many superstitions like this… Right now I could remember only this one..

Now, wanna know more about our real culture? I accept that our country is a deeply religious country.. But at the same time, we accepted and respect non-religious communities too.. We accept an atheist and we pay our respect towards him…

Once we had place for all kinds of diverse cultures, arts and literature. I could give you an example: In temples, we had so religious painting & sculptors; and at the same time,  we have monuments like Khajuraho which is famous, all over the world for its erotic arts and sculptors; this also includes sculptors with homosexual activities. People were so broad-minded that they didn’t consider it wrong to have the paintings and sculptors which were depicting the same-sex love-making…

I couldn’t understand one thing here.. If a gay/ lesbian is born, he/ she has been given birth, right? Then how come they can be treated as criminals?? No way.. download

India, being the fastest growing with the rate of population, we hesitate to talk about sex. Sex is still considered a taboo.. We are failing to discuss about sex, which leads to so many other issues, be it spread of HIV or other sexual linked problems…  & sex related crimes

I really wish people would understand that no one has the right to tell an adult man or woman with whom he/she should have sex, if it is with consent.. They should have freedom of choosing their own life…

We should have sex education right from the school level, so that children are “empowered” from an early age & also they can speak up without fear, which will reduce the crimes like Child Sex Abuse…

As for me, romance was something which is immature or simple for high standard (well settled, well matured) people.. Marriage is the purpose of producing children and alliances. But homosexuality isn’t like that… It isn’t just about having sex with the same gender.  I’m emotionally attracted to women doesn’t mean I’m looking for sex from her.. I’m just looking at her to be at my side when needed… I don’t think any holy books is telling us that homosexual persons should go to hell…

Homosexuality is a taboo in Indian society. For many, it is a biological disorder, while a few consider it as last birth’s karma. But I would say love knows no boundaries, literally can you have boundaries with people you love??. Everything in this world comes next to love…


What do you think about this?

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