India Ambush: Deadliest Attack

At least 20 soldiers have been killed and 15 injured in an attack on a troop convoy in north-east India, police say. This is a well planned and clinically executed plan which took on life of our soldiers….

This deadliest ambush occurred in the state of Manipur as the convoy made its way to Imphal, the state capital.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the terror attack as “mindless” and “very distressing”. Arreh…… Come on.. Some action needs to be taken.. Not just some stupid consoling words like this … We don’t want the sacrifices of our soldiers to go waste.. We want to see the capture of those militants…

Now, “search and destroy” permission has been granted where already the rule AFSPA implies…  Now, although I’m feeling pretty angry over those stupid militants, I feel sad for the common man who is gonna suffer… Who will take all the consequences of these mad people’s actions??? Does these militants call this bravery?? Success?? What are they trying to say?

Freedom isn’t about killing people or hurting others.. It’s about fighting for it without hurting others.. Standing on our point, sticking to our goals.. But not at the price of others’ lives…


What do you think about this?

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