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It was my BIRTHDAY … ..

imagesYesterday was my birthday. Yesterday, I was born.

Well, not literally yesterday. What I mean is, way back a while ago – many moons ago – I was born on that date …

As I write this, I’ve wandered and my soul has completed it’s 26th year and I’ve stepped in 27th year a day ago… Whoa!!!!!

All these days, my life is just seeking happiness in whatever I do.. I have thought that  I should give happiness to others too.. But now, these years have purposed me.. They’ve give intentions for me to live, love within them.. They’ve taught me that my presence within these moments, minutes, hours, days, years, lifetime is not random or accidental…

No. My life has meaning and purpose. I was meant to be here. I was meant to smile at you. If you are reading this, then definitely that means, my life has a purpose to be with you.. The purpose might have already shown up or might not…

The main purpose of my life is to serve to this society.. I love my people.. I love being so help in someone’s life.. I wish to make people stand in awe and relaxed.. Here it’s not my power thriving, publicity thriving ego speaking.. These are the words from my heart…  Actually I know where I’m standing in my life..

And I believe, I am a beautiful gift; I want you to be excited when you are with that gift.. Because I’m sure I can make your life sweeter…Those who love me needs to know this …

Yesterday was my birthday… Thank You for being a part …


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