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Corrective Measure – Rapes????

Okay.. This topic sounds weird right??? The news is disgusting one… Seriously…

Recently there was news that Doctors in Delhi used electric shocks and hormonal treatment among other things to cure homosexuality…

But this morning I read a news that said a boy being raped by his own mother to cure him of his homosexuality… Urgh….

Poor boy is from Bangalore … In another case, a homosexual girl who was having an affair with another woman was raped by her cousin.. Reports reveal that parents with the help of cousins, brothers are using such measures to cure homosexuality..

It is said that families think these corrective measures helps correcting the sexual orientation of the person.. Grow up guys.. This is worst than CSA… This is equal to prostitution… Really….

So, what are the effects of this corrective rapes??? Can you imagine the mental trauma that person will be going through? After all this???  This poor guy has to call her mother?? Apart from this mental trauma, accompanying acts of violence can result in physical trauma, mutilation, HIV infection, unwanted pregnancy, and may contribute to suicide.. Do they really want their kids dead??? But then the answer shocks us as their parents consider their kids death more prestigious than their kids being lesbian or gay… Pathetic World…

In one article, Tina Machida, a Zimbabwean lesbian who lives in Harare, writes, “They locked me in a room and brought [a man] every day to rape me so I would fall pregnant and be forced to marry him. They did this to me until I was pregnant.”

When people can believe in hetrosexual relationships, why can’t they with same sex???

Homosexuality is taboo in many parts of India and legal rights for LGBT people regressed which has to be erased… I hope the world will change and will respect every person for who they are..


What do you think about this?

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