Last Words …

Last night, all of a sudden, I started imagining what will happen if I die.. Who will cry for me? Will my friends miss me? Will they able to bear my loss? Will my special one shed a tear? Would they remember me??

Ahhhhhh so many unanswered questions.. I picked up the courage and asked few of my friends directly whether they’ll cry for me.. Except 2 everyone said they’ll  be happy, they’ll go and have drinks and will enjoy.. Interestingly one guy was worried that our family won’t serve NON-VEG for my death… Ha ha..

You must be wondering whether I’ve gone mad.. Don’t be.. I’m not.. So far …

But if this happens, I would be so sorry for there are loads of things I wanna try.. few sorry to be asked.. especially to my bestest buddy so far.. so much to do for mom..

Just now I pinged one of my friend and asked whether he’ll cry for me.. Odd time to ask right?? He might have thought I’m insane.. Well most of the time, I AM.. He said he’ll cry for I’m his good friend.. Nice na??

Okay, now I’m happy.. I have got few hearts which will shed tears 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank You friends… Love you all 🙂 🙂 🙂


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