Helping from Hell as Heaven – Harrish Iyer

Harrish Iyer – I’m not sure what my first thought was when I heard this name.. But later when I get to know this person, I was pretty shocked with his bravery and pretty excited about knowing this guy..

Harrissh Iyer
source: Google Images


So, when was that I came to know him?? Hmmmm… Right, we both have mutual friend who once shared this guy’s post about Suzette Jordan. I like her and when I read that post, I felt pretty good about him and started stalking him in virtual world.. 🙂 which I know most of us do.. (Okay, now literally not stalking him but came to follow him in FB, reading his blog etc.,)

Suzette is someone whom I’ve admired for bravery and strength.. So it’s obvious, right, a friend of mine is my friend..? We started liking someone if that person has mutual interests and likes a person whom we love/ adore.. The same happened here with me… (Believe me, until then I didn’t know about him and I’ve not watched Satyamev Jayate show which he participated until now.. this show is pretty famous and he is very after this show)

Enough of how I get to know this guy.. Let’s talk real about him …

Born and brought up in West Bengal, this guy has some serious balls.. Really.. I mean all through my life, I’ve known people who accepts life and take it according to the society norms. I’ve not known much people who stood for them (which includes me too) until a year back…

He is an  equal rights activist, known for his campaigns for the rights of the LGBT community, children, women, animals as well as survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). He has done so many campaigns, in person and also virtual  through his FaceBook page, Twitter and so…

He has written articles and letters to highlight the plight of the LGBT community in India. Not only that, but he has appeared in top TV news channels too in a plight for this society to wake up.  He has also appeared in talk shows to discuss about CSA. He badly insists of having sex education and he wishes & dreams how great it would be if we could discuss about sex education and child sex abuse openly..

In August 2013, a news about a gangrape of a young photojournalist was published, this guy ignoring what others might think, marched on Mumbai’s streets wearing bright red lipstick with a placard that read “Don’t look at my lipstick. Listen to me”. (Remember I already told..this guy has some serious balls!)

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

He was an inspiration for 2 movies.. Great right?? I am and Amen – those movies.. Both features his life 🙂 Wanna know what inspired these movies? You think just his activism??? Yes & NO. These movies & everyone is inspired because “he is who he is”

Am I not making sense? Continue reading ….

He is a young man who is confident about his sexuality & who is open about that.. He is a gay and he is proud being one.. He is a child sexual abuse survivor and is open about it and helps many to survive that and come out of those ghostly memories… He is a counselor who saves many people… Enthralling qualities huh??!?

This (LGBT rights), but, cannot be the only reason to join politics. It is the larger issue of rights of living beings – humans and others that get violated every single day-  be it children being trafficked into begging and prostitution, or women, men, and transgender who get raped, the issue of child sexual abuse, the issue of education- it all matters to me.- says Harrish Iyer

His speech on TEDx, “Rising from Ashes: From abuse to hope” is something one shouldn’t miss…

To walk with him towards nowhere .. with his goals as mine and revoke a change in this society is all what I want … 




What do you think about this?

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