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A Romantic Getaway

It was almost 4:00 AM. The magical hour. The hour that stands out in most of the movies, books and in our lives. The romantic getaway from real life, which came true for me recently ….

The magical hour, most people would be asleep and if shift worker, trying to put off sleep. But if you are a night person like me, probably you will be reading, watching a movie or gaming.

The magical hour people will miss without enjoying.

But that day’s 4:00 AM was something special to me. Very special. NO movie. NO book. NO gaming. But special, way more than all these. Something special than anyone. Snippets of emotion leaks out, and here I’m pouring them…

Myself along with my friends, went for a tea shop here at that time.. That’s the only tea shop which will be open from 3 AM I guess… And the climate was awesome, drizzling and breezy.. The sparkling mood of ours added extra pleasure to the environment..

Okay, we were off to shop. Had a nice chai, some chocolate cake and …. So once when we were done with tea, we took leave from there… The climate was so good that we didn’t have any intention of going back home.. Or I didn’t.. Because other two friends were dead tired and all they wanna do was hit the bed.. Alas, they got stuck with us 🙂

The mango tree in the opposite road, the street lights, the waiting area, tea shop benches, my friends’ naughtiness, my friends, the drizzle, the breeze, the broken marble and even the rain water down the street…. everything added a value to that night/ dawn

Morning Blossom.. in our neighborhood
Morning Blossom.. in our neighborhood

We came up, wait, NO, my friend came  up with this grisly idea of playing shuttle at that time. But neither of us had shuttle. Still we went on roaming the streets until dawn and clicking all stupid posing pictures (though stupid, they are very memorable to not be clicked)

Finally we were blessed with dawn. 5:30 AM.. 2 hours spent in streets with friends. Finally we reached my friend’s place. That’s an awesome street, where he lives. The serenity amidst the bustling city is something which cannot be replaced.

Drip, drop, the rain

Without shuttle, we didn’t know what to do.. So ended up preparing a boat with all the available sticks…See not woods, sticks! We both were playing on stagnant waters after the rain.. But the boat wasn’t fruitful because my other stupid friends didn’t help us by providing fibers for fastening the sticks 😦 we tried fastening with husks and dried leaves of coconut tree…

4:00 AM…it is a nice appealing and amusing hour…just drifting by, in the middle of the night… It was around 6:30 when we both reached our place and the happiness was all over and around us that it made difficult for me to sleep. My friend rested in my lap and when I saw her asleep, all I could think was “Whoa! This girl definitely has some aroma which makes others around her happy with her childish behavior…”

And as for my other friends, I love you guys… Best buddies to be with.. This day can’t go out of my memory, wait, our memories … 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hugs to my friends 🙂 🙂 🙂


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