Nepal Heartache…

I always wanted to visit Nepal. Always, that is every day I wish for this to happen and I look forward for that eagerly. I have few friends from there and I thought I should give them surprise saying “I’m in your place”

Like most people, I have spent the past few days glued to the news of the terrible earthquake in Nepal. I cannot imagine the pain and loss and grief and all the mixed emotions that the Nepalese are going through right now. Even though I came to know that those people I know were safe, I couldn’t come out of this pain. I feel terrified at times to think of the pain…

As the death toll keeps rising, every time I hear the news, my heart is missing a beat or two. I’m no more watching the news of the footage from any news channels, as it gives me more pain and pain and more…

Just hoping that there will be no more injury to the country nor the people. I truly hope.


What do you think about this?

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