Drinking the Past: Wine without Worry

I was so confused to come to conclusion whether non-alcoholic wines and beers are just fine or should I just stick with some juice.. Here I gave a try and found out that they are just fine 🙂 🙂 

The catch is that I was living in Delhi and the events bring everyone together.. Known or unknown 🙂 The great party city I’ve ever known 

I had several options like rejecting the offer saying I don’t drink or saying I have few other priority works. But then that’s party season and I don’t want to turn down invitations.. And what on earth was I thinking? Turning down an invitation?? Definitely Nooo …

So I decided to go and have some cocktail. But ended up thinking what if I have de-alcoholized wine 🙂 

The question is: Can we enjoy non-alcoholic beer and wine, or should we just drink something like fruit juice or water instead?

Non-alcoholic (or de-alcoholized) wine and beer are odd creatures. After all, wine and beer are alcoholic by definition. It’s not that we necessarily drink wine and beer only for their intoxicating qualities, but I think most of us would admit that the buzz from moderate alcohol consumption is pleasant and gives us a great feeling…

The thing that bothered me was the best part with wine or beer is the alcohol. So what good will it give after removing? I mean, during the process they had to add alcohol during fermentation. So what will happen after removing all this? just a colored water???

But then I’d say that the non-alcoholic wines were closer to real wine than they were to grape juice. They all start as wine, after all, before being stripped of alcohol and having other ingredients (like glycerin and grape juice) added to give body and flavor. So here is my personal opinion on non-alcoholic wines I’ve tasted 🙂 

Carl Jung Sparkling Wine – A medium-dry (somewhat sweet) sparkling wine with good acidity and good mousse (the frothy feeling in your mouth). I felt this had sour taste mixed with sweet.. But more than the taste, I enjoyed the mousse this has

Carl Jung Red Wine – The aroma isn’t promising, but this had some redeeming flavors of sweet red fruit (like cranberry) But it seemed too light in body and had no aftertaste. On the positive side, it tasted fine. In my mouth, the flavor was pretty overpowering. The taste was very much like the raw green apple. Though it tasted too much like fruit juice, it would be OK on a hot day.

Carl Jung Rose – The flavor was so thin it was like drinking water that strawberries had been washed in. My least favorite drink so far.. But there are people out there who felt this as subtle one. I felt this smelled of musty wet roses.. Ewww right???

In the end, it’s a matter of taste. But it can also be a matter of good sense…


What do you think about this?

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