A-Z Challenge – Fighting for Equality = Death

SalwaIt’s been nearly a year since human rights lawyer Salwa Bugaighis, a revolutionary leader for equal rights and political participation for women, and a key player in Libya’s 2011 revolution, was assassinated.

Every resolution in this world begins with the hope of something better than that is happening now. The past year, I did spent a great deal of time with people who joined revolutions in the belief that their efforts, even their sacrifice, might bring about a better life for all. Many of them have been tortured, thrown in prison, gunned down, stabbed—in some cases by other would-be revolutionaries. And in the end the so called revolution goes without any fruitful results.

Bughaighis was from a prominent Benghazi family and trained as a lawyer. She joined some of the first protests in Benghazi against Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 with a group of lawyers.

Bughaighis became a founding member of and adviser to Libya’s National Transitional Council which governed the country during and directly after the uprising. Her sister, Iman, a professor of orthodontics, was the spokesperson for the group. Salwa resigned her position after three months to protest the lack of women in the new government.

Before her assassination, Bugaighis served as deputy chair of a national dialogue initiative, a commission trying to bridge Libya’s factional divide. She was mentor to many civil-society activists, particularly young ones. She had updated Facebook with pictures of herself voting on the day she was killed.

On 25 June 2014, Bugaighis was shot through the head by a group of five gunmen who broke into her house, wounding a security guard and abducting her husband, Essam al-Ghariani.

She was a true patriot, an inspiration & force of hope for everyone.. I’m in loss of words to describe any more of her and her fight…


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