A-Z Challenge – Bravery

Bhagat SinghB – without any second thoughts I will dedicate to Bhagat Singh.. I worshipped him more than anything.. I still used to think, I should’ve born in that duration. I should’ve been in his life in some form… I love that great man… Wondering how human minds work right? I’ve fought with my neighbor aunt to teach her daughter that instead of B for Ball, it should be  Bhagat Singh.. 🙂 

Once I wrote a poem for him on his Birthday… Here it goes…

The dedication he had for our country,
Was admired by many!
He has touched many lives,
He did everything to protect us,
He was arrested by British when he was 17,
But it seized many hearts of Indians!
He was murdered at 23,
But still lives in our heart!
And always will!!!
Happy Birthday to my hero Bhagat Singh!!!

Bhagat Singh was the only extraordinary man I had ever read about. Can you imagine a person who was actually happy to sacrifice his life at 23? Will I do? definitely no… I will think of family and friends… without even a second thought I will not do that what he did.. I feel so ashamed but I had to admit I’m not as strong as he was…

As much as he loved his country, he loved the beauty of the wonderful life. He loved books, literature, poems, freedom and so much… He is the main motivation for me to write articles.. He is the life of my poems as most of my poems were for him… those words of love were for him as a tribute… I may sound so stupid for writing poems for a dead man whom I don’t know, who hadn’t played a role in my life… but many of you write poems for God… Have you seen him? Do we know God exists? No right??? I see Bhagat Singh as you see God… Simple, Right????!!!

I would suggest people to read his books to understand that man’s interest with books and this will pave an idea to why I marvel him so much. His great writings were, “Why I am an Atheist”, “Letter to Young Political Workers”, and “Jail Notebook” among which the Jail Notebook holds significant details of his life in prison, it holds all the ideology he learnt from books all through his life…

The major struggle of his life began with a hunger strike from June 15 by both Bhagat Singh and Dutt, demanding the status of political prisoners. Bhagat Singh was also shifted to Lahore jail after some time. Bhagat Singh, who was on hunger strike since June 15 along with Dutt, was brought to the court on a stretcher for the trial case of the murder of Saunders on July 10, 1929. The other accused in the case came to know about this hunger strike on that day, and almost all of them joined the strike.

112 days of hunger strike which was started by this great man and in which he played a major role. Unlike today’s politicians and activists, he is the great activist. Yet he is the only hormonal nationalist who is misinterpreted…  

This historic hunger strike by Bhagat Singh and his comrades resulted in the martyrdom of Jitender Das on September 13, 1929. Bhagat Singh and the other comrades ended their hunger strike on September 2 after receiving assurances from a Congress party team and British officials on the acceptance of their demands. But they resumed it again on Sep 4 as the words were not followed.

I would say that it is not enough to remember him. It is important to learn from his ideas, his vision. His great sacrifice must be taught to inspire people, especially the youth, to make them better human beings and citizens

Bhagat Singh always fought for the freedom of Hindustan. But he will never like this country’s situation today. We are free from British rule, but people and government(s) are still imprisoned by stereotyped thinking. We are addicted to money and self happiness. Revenge plays major role in this country and corruption is the life of the country… Bribery leads the country and black money is the mother…

This monster should be driven out of this country and that is possible only with teaching people about these great people. Can you think of men who choose death to awaken people? Only Bhagat Singh will come to mind… His idea was not a stupidity or a mere courage of youth… It is a path he chose to shook up the foundation of the freedom struggle…

Let’s understand his sacrifice. Let’s respect him and pay the tribute…

“Inquilab Zindabad”


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