Dear Girl, It’s all over!

Dear Girl, (or should I call lady or woman? #wondering)

So girls, have you been noticing what’s happening in our Mother Country? I know you couldn’t have missed it. I know my opinions or rather should I say our opinions aren’t welcome. But who cares? Right?

We are in GRAVE DANGER dears. Have you guys ever given thought that we are living in the rape capital country? In India, it’s totally cool to beat us, abuse us, rape us, kill us and force us to serve MEN. Because, that’s our tradition girls. We should be stupid for using Facebook, for working along with men, for taking night shifts in corporate world (but we can take this in serving men, not here) and even talking. Just tradition without any logical need. So here TRADITION = full license over women and her body. Holy Shit!

So, this is what happened:

A gang has raped a nun. 71 years old. Can you imagine such incident? This happened in West Bengal. But why am I worried unless that happened to someone I know. Someone from my family. No no. I’m safe here. So I’m not supposed to raise my voice for her even through words. What the hell am I thinking and doing here by typing all this? What am I gonna do by posting this? Just a showoff that I care for women in India. Urgh! #WakeUpGirls

I woke up this morning to the news. It was all over Internet. As I read through the news, I could connect to every single word of those accounts. As I am sure every single woman who read the news would also have connected with – the frustration of being helpless, the anger of societal indifference and the guilt we are made to feel.

Initial reports said the nun had been gang-raped, but District Magistrate P B Selim told The Indian Express, “There was no gang-rape… one of the men is alleged to have raped one of the nuns.” Arreh yaar, come on. It’s just one man who raped one nun. That’s no big deal. Leave it. Everything will fall back in place.  Hmmm… but, hey, it’s India. Get with your work dude!

“We will identify the accused as we have the CCTV footage stored with the convent. The guilty must be punished. Such incidents have never happened in the history of our state,” said Archbishop Thomas D’Souza, Archbishop of Kolkata. Come dude, raping a nun is different from raping a woman. How silly of me? I didn’t know this.

Damn girls…these men shrank us and made us feel guilty for living in men’s world.

And you know what will happen to him now? Nothing. Not. A. Thing.

I mean, ouch! these men just committed a small mistake. Let it slide man, why are you all so arrogant and fighting for justice. India has already provided us with so beautiful soul men like ML Sharma and AP Singh. Aren’t we blessed to be women in India? So they’ll take care of us. We don’t have anything to worry about. Seriously!

I feel heavy hearted when I read the news and also when I type this. Hereafter I should deny any invitations from anyone which will take place after 6 PM. I should deny a safe ride from anyone I know. Can I atleast have my own wedding reception after 6PM? Oh Shit. Who am I kidding here?

Isn’t that funny that we are reminded about our culture by rapists, morals are taught by murderers and pedophiles teach us how to act. If you are reading this, beware. Stop going out at any time. We are born to be slave for men. We aren’t supposed to raise our voice or opinions. Let men rape us, it’s just a service we are supposed to do to them. It’s not their crime. It’s ours to go out or dress the way we want. But the nun didn’t go out. Come on girls, she has Vagina. So what’s wrong?

But hey, what do I know? I’m single and am probably psychologically damaged. I think I need help from these men on how to behave, how to be a slave, how to be a PROPER WOMAN. *Do you men think, I should get married now? Is that safe? I won’t be molested or abused right?*


Hard feelings from,

No worth of being HUMAN


What do you think about this?

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