Happiness is…

happiness-isWhat definition will you give for Happiness?? It will vary according to your mood and likes right?

For me, happiness is when I get long replies from someone I am really, really fond of, and have so much respect for in my heart and oh yeah, that can make my day and leave the ever biggest smile in my face, along with a urge to write here! 🙂 Funny as it sounds? Sometimes and for some of you it is. But for me, no!
When I sense happiness on a person’s face I’m on call with, that’s another magical moment for me. And being the best version of myself..

When I hold a book with a cup of tea and no one disturbs me until I finish that book (mostly I will not get distracted if am with a book)

All the time, chocolate bar, few pairs of shoes/sandals, tattoo, too much tea, few pens, poems and being appreciated makes me happy ..


What do you think about this?

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