Bits and Pieces

self-discovery1There were so many moments in my life when I found myself at crossroads; confused and afraid which way to take. Usually in these situations the choices we make defines the rest of our day. But when I’m faced with such unknown or unfamiliar situation, I tend to turn around and go back. This was me until few years back. But recently I’ve changed a lot. I started pushing myself for something better. I feel only when I’m tested, then I discover who I’m, only then I discover who I can be. I always thought that I belong to IT Industry where everything glitters. But this was only few months ago. When I pushed myself in taking an internship in New Delhi with a NGO, then I realized I don’t belong to IT Industry. But did I realize where I belong to? Frankly speaking, No, because the Social Service, I can do it for peace of my mind. I don’t think I can be in that for full-time. The pain, the sorrow, the incapability of the public everything will make me so psychologically unavailable. But still, I wish to be in that side, helping the needy. Providing the support, psychological counseling maybe even training them like giving bridge courses, IGP etc.,  The person I want to be does exist. Somewhere, deep in my heart hard work, faith and belief does lie and beyond all the pain, heartache, fear I’d, I still wanna take a wrong path and travel to find who I’m really…

For me, Happiness is not the station I arrive at, but manner of travelling!!


What do you think about this?

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