Social Issues

Will you marry a raped girl?

Will you marry a raped girl? seriously?? I never thought someone could come up with a campaign with this title.. May be the campaign was intented to have a positive impact in the society, but it went all wrong. (may be because of this gross title) The video highlights some “heroes”. I don’t understand what’s heroic in being a decent human being.

This video gave me a real shock that even in this modern world, few guys don’t wanna marry a raped victim. When the guys were questioned whether they would marry a raped girl, few answers were so so disgusting with a direct NO and few tried justiying their answers. They felt there is a discrimination against rape victims. (Seriously????)

Only few said they are glad to marry one.

Still this society thinks that all the rape victims are not psychologically stable. Rape is a crime and anyone can fall as a victim to that crime. Not all the victims remain under depression. Not all develop trust issues. Not all become repulsive to sex. Not all remember the rape every single day of their life and make the hell out of the life. Rather majority of women are able to move on within few years of the incident. In the past she had dealt with that trauma doesn’t mean she has to deal with it always.

We condemn rape, protest about it, laws and acts are passed, we change our dp asking to hang the rapist, Facebook and Twitter campaigns happen and we go heights to show our protestation, but are these acts bring any changes within the society?

When they are ready to protest and protect a victim, punish the rapist, they are not ready to have the victim in their family. All they look for when the marriage proposal is happening is the status. Even father and mother of the guys wouldn’t want their son to marry one.

Rape is a contagious disease but the mentality of this society scares more than the disease…


What do you think about this?

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