Design for Development

designSo, when I heard this topic is for the Terrace Talk series, I was like how can a design lead to development, it can only lead to change.. But I didn’t question too much since I didn’t wanna make people think like I always have questions 🙂

So when the day came for the meeting and when the speaker started to share his views about this all I managed to say was WOW.. It was an awesome experience. Mayank Mansingh Kaul is a Delhi-based textile-fashion designer working with contemporary hand-crafts who was invited as the speaker for this talk session & Sowmya (textile designer in AP, who is working with people using Khadi technology) shared their views on this.

So the meeting was about how we are going to use the women and children’s skills  in a creative thinking and to make a positive impact in their lives. And this development when done with local materials in the design phase will be a problem-solving tool to address issues.. So here we are building better solutions with the designs.. When you have passion for people, training them for something like this isn’t that difficult. 

This development concept will be a total mess if we are not using technologies appropriate for the communities we work with. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be introduced to modern technologies or we shouldn’t expect greater designs from them. But to train them, we should first understand what they are capable of now. Only then we can design something for their development.. This gave me some confidence that the women can be part of something greater good.. The confidence which I have been losing lately has returned slightly..

Thanks to Mayank who made this possible!



What do you think about this?

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