What is love?

WILTrue love: more made than found.

Most frequently I’ve been wondering “what is love?” While I was wondering this, I found that many here have the same question and was looking for answer either from others or from search engines. A research stated that the common question asked to Google was: What is Love? Whoa!

So from this I understood a fact: Most people wanna know something from others’ experience rather than own. I understood that people are ready to believe in something which was inscribed by others than to feel themselves. Since, we are brought up in such a way to believe in fantasized media and fairy tales which insists that there is only one type of love which is being romantic.

But then again many of us are clearly not satisfied with romance as an answer from society or from Google. The real problem, then, might be that modern culture leaves us unwary for thinking about love in anything other than a one-dimensional mode which is romance.

Our ancestors had so many words for love instead of one. They had words for friendship, desire, unconditional love, affection, passion, lust and practical. This is another problem we are facing now; words are not enough to address or answer what love is. We are using the one word love for addressing everything.

And here whenever we question on something, it is assumed by others that we don’t completely understand that particular stuff. So here when we question on what is love, it is assumed that we don’t feel loved by others, or that we don’t love others to make them feel our love.

It’s straight forward. You can define a concept but defining an action is rather difficult, I assume.

Love is an action.

But again you cannot provide proof for love right? Our ancestors always have guided us. They asked us to behave affectionately and faithfully with others. This mean that we have to perform acts which shows our love and loyalty to that person. Our actions should imply that we love them and we are truthful to them.

One more thing, feelings and words can be illusionary. But our actions were NEVER. So rather than asking “what is love?” it will be evocative if we ask, “Does my actions speak the love for me?”

True Love is Looking Beyond



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