Surrogacy: Other kind of prostitution …??

image (c)
image (c)

So the title should be confusing you, what link these both have?? There are so many similarities between both the industries. The main similarity is in both the industries, a person is seen just as a commodity that can be bought and sold as required.

Surrogacy is a trade in pregnancy. Prostitution has expanded its wings to other parts of women’s body. Surrogacy is definitely one among that. What is the product in this trade…? The Child…?? She gives birth to the child and the next moment she gives up the child, she receives the payment .. She bears and give birth… What will you call this ..?? Isn’t this some

It is a man’s right to have access to sex whenever he wants it or claims to need it. It is a right of infertile and gay couples – or even those too busy working to get pregnant — to have children.. So what does a woman have a say in this ..?? Nothing, as usual ..??

Indian wombs are considered very cheap in the market..  Womb on Rent is a traumatic condition for women … It is really tragic to think at how easily women can be exploited for the lure of money … Women after attaining puberty are becoming grubstaker…


What do you think about this?

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