Dear Cancer …

Dear Cancer,


I always wanted to write my thoughts about you but then, you make me uncomfortable and make me feel the pain just with your name.. So this will be really harsh and hard and even may be uncomfortable to read …

You gave me quite a shock when I heard your name .. I never thought until that time, that someone so important to me will be your victim but then you made him to be. You took away his aspirations and left him in a depressed state for which I will never forgive you.. Though I understood this is how the life is going to be for him and also that you will be his companion, I cannot forgive you..

Those treatments he undergone to suppress you and to have you under control really did made his condition worse in a way. To come back to normal from the chemo treatment killed him in some way.. Though the chemotherapy really helped him to feel less pain, you made him lose weight, lose sleep and gave him pain in other ways.

You gave his injured body more pain, fatigue and infections that may or may not resolve.

You made him bored of all this. He is bored with your pain, bored of feeling sick, bored with getting hospitalized, bored of his annoyance, bored since you made him short temper.. But still remember this: HE IS FIGHTING!!

I hope this time, you leave him.. I don’t want him to suffer with you.. I don’t want you to stay with him…


What do you think about this?

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