Values to teach your Children

670px-Teach-Your-Child-to-Read-Step-1-Version-2Though self-love and self-control are not taught in school they help the children to be more responsible and mature adults.. By teaching the following to your kids, they will be more mature, responsible, happy and will lead an amazing life… Those values to be taught are:
1. self-esteem: Teach them to be confident. Let them be confident with their abilities which will give them courage to face any obstacle in life…

2. Communication: Let them express.. Even if that’s controversy to what you are talking, let them come out and talk..

3. Passion: Teach them the passion for their life, for people, for things. Let them enjoy!

4. Friendship: Teach to accept people, whoever they are and however they are. Let your child see you showing love for people. Don’t let a day pass without you sharing your love with your kid

5. Creativity: Let them use their imaginations to figure out. Creativity helps them in many ways. You probably can’t teach them how to be creative but you can at least resist yourself in stopping them when they are doing something creative apart from their academics…

6. Decision Making: Let them to choose. Teach them all about right and wrong, not from your point of view but from general perspective.. Let them decide which way is good and teach them to face the pros and cons.

7. Sharing: Teach them the value of giving.

8. Honesty: Being truthful is the most important than the rest. The child learns from you. So the best way to promote this is avoid any kind of deception and don’t overreact if your child lies to you. Help them to find a way to tell the truth..

9. Forgiveness: If you are not teaching your child to forgive, they will grow as bitter adults. Teach them to forgive and they will learn compassion too. Don’t let your child be vengeful

10. Positive Attitude: Life is not the same always. It’s not very gifted to everyone. So having positive attitude will help them not to give up in life easily. Let them move forward!


There are many stuffs kids should be learning. But as for me, these are the core values one should posses… No qualities here is difficult to teach.. You don’t need to spend time separately for this.. With day-to-day activities everything can be taught to children … Afterall, parents always want their kids to be happy, mature and strong in life..


What do you think about this?

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