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Rising of the Sun

Rising SunWe were all in an assumption that slavery has ended during/ after the Civil War itself. But that’s a misconception. Slavery has never ended. It has become worst in a way. Hidden in shadows people are still transported across borders, carried from one place to another, sold and bought and kept invisible in the general public’s eyes. I really don’t wanna think of how many people were trafficked right at this moment when I was writing about them…

One most profitable industry as they say is sex industry and 70% of the trafficking is for sex. Though this is illegal, this is one platform that is very profitable in the globe. With the growing poverty and population, there is no shortage of victims, and the average price of a slave is just $90.  With such a low-cost, these girls are like disposable assets to the industry. They can be abused to n level, they can be treated so low and they can be discarded so easily too.

They are easily wooed in to a situation or sold by their family and was exploited by this slavery. The pimps are very careful that they confiscate the documents of these girls and without the papers though they escape, they can’t find any shelter or security for them.

In reality, no female desires to be part of this nightmare. Their cry for help is abandoned and silenced by the walls that separate them from the rest of the world. Their existence is kept silent and loads of money is involved behind that silence. Many of us think that victim is being chained somewhere but it’s not. The chain is mental one. When the traffickers understand that the victims don’t have a voice, and broken deep inside, they choose that and they knew that they can silence the victims with that point.

It’s not easy for them to share their pain and also it’s not easy for them to leave. Some women are literally kept in cages and if they are resisting themselves from cooperating with the clients, they are treated in a way which is unimaginable. In a book “The Natashas”, Victor Malerek interviewed a young woman named Sophia, “Sometimes they would rape girls in front of us. They yelled at them, ordering them to move in certain ways … to pretend excitement … Those who resisted were beaten. If they did not cooperate, they were locked in dark cellars with rats or no food and water for three days. One girl refused to submit to anal sex, and that night the owner brought in five men. They held her on the floor and every one of them had anal sex on her in front of all of us. She screamed and screamed.” After witnessing this scene Sophia decided not to resist. Sometimes it takes less time for a girl and submit herself as a commodity when she experience abuse not to self but to the others. The fear of known devil is better than the fear of the unknown…

Instead of rescuing a girl from brothel, it’s better to find a preventive measure. When we practise a preventive measure then the girl will never experience rape, torture, exploitation and abuse. When you have a prevention, there is not need for cure…


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