New Girl in the City #1 (Kolkata)

So, I always wanted to write something with this title since I loved this title from the beginning when I came across it in a movie (Wake Up Sid)… Ha ha … And here finally I travelled and am writing in the same topic… It’s quite interesting and also I’m enthralled to pen my travel experiences.

In Kolkata it was not a site seeing trip but then this is one of my best travel experience. Because I happen to learn a lot about society, I saw the society in a different view and the view presented to me was entirely different than what I had in my native back…

IMG_20140309_163950 IMG_20140309_164544Obviously we had few sightseeing experience too like for a few places. I went to Victoria Memorial Hall (not to the museum but to the garden) and also to the Hoogly bridge where the Ganges River is. I actually stood in the river banks… It felt like achieved something when I stood there but only problem was that Cristina and Tatum made me walk in the trash (literally trash) to reach the banks since we kind of came to the end of that place (whatever it is called). That was the only thing that bothered me but then again it was like somehow I achieved my destination of purity. Though my path was not pure, my destination was.

I already wrote about my visit to the red light areas of this city, so here am gonna write about other experiences. We went to Munshiganj center for the second time and this time we didn’t go to meet any prostitute or any other older women. But we went to see the crèche and the mid-day meal program run by our team there. It was great to be with kids whom were so energetic and happy. Lovely Kids! It’s really sad to think of the life those kids had to undergo. But then again life isn’t fair to everyone. Kids were interested to converse with us but again language issue interfered but we did manage with a translator 🙂 Their dreams made me say wow and I really hope that everyone of those kid achieve his or her dream. That is fair since already they have suffered much in their childhood and now also. In future I want them to say that they have achieved their dream.

Coming back to the work, I visited Topsia community people yesterday (March 12, 2014). They were very welcoming and they were very happy to have us in their home. They were very pleased to answer our questions. They served us tea and when we accepted that, the smile in their face was unimaginable. The life they lead there in the place is a hell. I can’t imagine me spending a whole day spending there as they are. But still they were happy there with family, kids and friends. Few of them didn’t have the basic ID cards or any other government beneficiary cards which was really a sad and bad part. No politicians are ready to help them since those people didn’t have voter id and the politicians are not gonna get any benefits from helping them (which is really awful). But then we are fighting and we will keep fight to get the rights for those people.

Kolkata really seemed like a “City of Men” in my eyes since all I saw in public was men, men and men everywhere. Only few women can be seen in the public and I was raffled when I saw so many men. Even while travelling to Kolkata and from Kolkata there were so many men in the train. The entire compartment was filled with men except for the three of us which was really weird. I don’t see much education in this city, but then it’s not too illiterate also. But then Kolkata is a city of culture? I don’t know because it doesn’t seem as city of business. But one thing is for sure, Kolkata is the city with daily festival for the human existence…


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