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Inside the street of Red Light Area #1 (Kolkata- Munshiganj)

Today I was introduced to a different world, the other side and the dark side of India. I really don’t know how should I feel, whether I should be sorry for them or proud of them for surviving in such life. I am confused.

Munshiganj, this is the place I went in today where the prostitution and sex oriented business is in high and open… Though we say that women there are out of choice, few of them are in this business by choice (not from the beginning though).

“I didn’t want to go back to normal life because I started thinking I’m kind of dirty after I was used by men” said one of the sex worker of this red light area. I found this rather difficult to digest, their helplessness.

Uncovering the stories of those women and children sounded great before I landed there. But when I get to see them, I was more like let me not bug them with the usual questions. But then, to know them, we had to interact with few basic questions which they gave us open answers which was really fascinating. I was much closer to the women than I dreamt.  I was so compassionate with each woman I met. I had a strange mixture of agony against this injustice the women are being faced on their day-to-day life… 

I understand that we cannot eradicate prostitution completely since it’s, what centuries old? I don’t wanna sound sympathetic or annoyed but I want something to happen in a constructive way which helps the women not only just in monetary value but also in a way that could help the women exit prostitution. 

Poverty, sick children sitting with their mothers when they have to be in school, women waiting for clients outside their home, men staring the passerby gave me a feeling that fighting against violence is important. There are lot of people who fights against corruption, but how many are up to fight this violence? A few? Compared to the count of people fighting against corruption, this seems like a drop in a bucket. But I wonder what my role is in all this! 

I am more committed to help these women to solve the violence and harm, in a real committed and meaningful way because I’ve seen them and I don’t want anyone else to live with that impairment. 

(Since I don't want to make them feel dire and I myself didn't want to click photographs, I didn't get my camera and also I've so much to tell about the kids I met there which I will in another article!)

4 thoughts on “Inside the street of Red Light Area #1 (Kolkata- Munshiganj)

  1. I have also come across few sex workers who were brought from Nepal and Gangtok for work but they are forced to this sex trade. They want to come out but there is no one with the helping hand. “An alone gram cannot break the pot”.

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