Selling of Innocents

SOI“Selling of Innocents” is the video I happened to watch on my first day at my job.. This is a documentary movie by Ruchira Gupta on sex-trafficking from the villages of Nepal to the brothels of Mumbai. The more shocking than anything else is that this trafficking generates approximately $7 billion annually.

Another information which is more hard to digest is that few parents sell their kids knowing/ unknowing what their kids gonna face in the hands of those brutal traffickers. And the kids on the other hand, to save their family from starvation and to give them some happiness for few days, accept what is told by their parents and leave their family and friends. Ruchira along with her team, has recorded with hidden cameras as a Nepalese farmer selling his daughter into prostitution. The child was asked to tell, that she is ready to do whatever it is asked from her. The most painful one! 

Because of their fair skin and exotic features, Nepalese girls are extremely popular in the Indian sex industry. I am startled and felt really ashamed to be the citizen in a country, where the rights of the women and children are violated. No one wish to choose a life as this, but still why are they forced to be like this and one greatest lie I heard is prostitution is a choice. How could that be??

The change cannot be made in a day or two. But still, everyone us has the right to fight to stop trafficking and those who buy sex should change their mind. 

Women are NOT for sale!!!


What do you think about this?

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