Just some random thoughts

It’s been a month since I marched in to 2014 and I don’t know how to sound Phew! Or Wow! No idea 😉

2013 has been one fast year and looks like 2014 too will be so for me… As all the past years 2013 too had its ups and downs, some success, some failures, some happiness, some sorrows, some loses, some achievements, some disappointments etc., but still it ended and a year has been added in my life. I should be grateful for I got another year in my life…

2014? Not sure what it holds for me for the rest of the 11 months. But still I hope everything goes good. I do have plans to achieve this year and yet not sure whether I will since when was the last time I achieved anything as I planned?

One time a couple of days ago I started thinking about what my life has become and where I am heading in my life. I wonder what my mom or other family members are thinking about me, whether am making them feel proud of me…

For most part, I think they will be disappointed in me. I didn’t have much to “show off” as success in my life. I know that they will not be and they will think I do stuff in my own way, which sometimes irritates them and sometimes hurts them. But end of the day, I understand that they will not be happy with me or whatever I do in life. All they look for is some huge success and some huge name banner in life. But I am not having any as they look for…

Now I sit and realize that I have messed up a lot in my life. Be it studies or work, I have messed up a lot … I guess the best way to make them proud of me would be to change as a better person than I was before and I honestly believe that I will soon…


What do you think about this?

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