Lost Love

forever friendsWe all love friends and some of us are stupidly mad for our friends. While we were in school or college, we spend most of the time together and we sometimes hate holidays since we can’t be with our friends those days. But once when life started to move on, we may start figuring that we are missing our Best Friend…

We never believe that or we never want to believe that when it was started to happen. We’ll be okay with their dump, stupid excuses that they are busy with work, tired, feeling pressurized with work etc., But we will be making the same excuses for them.. We will be confident that they will call us, they will text us, they will get back to us… Stupidly, we will keep checking for emails, chat messages, SMS or worst missed calls.. But they would’ve been changed and we don’t want to accept, though we have already figured that part well… We pretend to IGNORE it.

It’s the worst feeling in this universe, the feeling of a “Lost Love”. Somewhere, someone would call your BFF’s name and suddenly you will get the frisson, they keep cancelling all your plans to meet each other, when you find the silence between you both, that’ s the pain which hurts our heart the most. We will start feeling confused, dumped, scared, stupid, cheated.

Sometimes, if we think back there won’t be some huge fights that ended the friendship with them. It would’ve happened for no good reason. New Relationships will stand the main reason. But still how can people change suddenly with new relationships? How can the priorities change? How can distance separate friends?

So for me, losing a close friend is worst than losing a lover. Friends are supposed to be there for us always (or we would’ve thought so). Friendships never FADE. When that one friend suddenly disappears from our life, we start surprising that so far what we meant to them.

Suddenly one day, we start looking through old pictures, those happy memories and we don’t know what happened. We would even reach for our mail, draft some stupid email, and feeling besieged or freaking out, we would discard the email and walk away.

Of all this, the worst part is we don’t know how to explain our love or what we feel to our missed friend. We know we will get some lame excuses or reactions and in some cases we may embarrass our friend by bringing up this subject. But we can’t do that.

Life is a Journey and in fact friends are often replacing our family members in many ways… So this is difficult to end a relationship with someone whom we thought was our BFF but still the ability to recover and repair our wound is essential…

Whatever happens, Life has to move on…


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