Abortion – A Right or An Outrage?

AbortionIt is not that we see or hear about abortion to our loved ones or to our acquaintance often in our daily life… Everyone of us know how wrenching and horrible the choice to terminate a pregnancy is… But still when someone is opting  to terminate a pregnancy, all we do, will try to influence our own
views about abortion…  I understand you will not be the one feeling hard to digest and answer this…

Some social activists argue that all women deserve the right to control their own bodies, without interference from anyone and some oppose abortion completely.. So if you are one among who opposes or thinks that abortion is a sin, then answer this …

What do we tell a young girl who is pregnant as the result of being raped by an older family member? Or what do we tell the woman whose baby is anencephalic, who in effect has no brain, and will die within hours of birth?

And if you support virtually unlimited abortion on demand, how do you justify taking the life of a baby who is weeks (or less) from birth, and doing so for the convenience of the mother? Can you really argue that it’s not taking the life of a human being?

The problem I face is most of the arguments are so often dominated by contradictions and refusal to consider evidence that doesn’t support one’s preconceived ideas, on either side. If someone argues for abortion, that person is automatically deemed by the opponent as a radical left-wing, liberal humanist. But if someone takes a position against abortion, he or she is instantly labeled a Bible-thumping, fundamentalist bigot.

Whatever restrictions are placed upon abortion, all women do not suffer equally. In fact, some women don’t suffer at all. Social class has always been the deciding factor in the right to choose an abortion. Wealthy women can always tend to choose abortion even if it is illegal.

Recently I hear from my neighbor that her relation had an abortion since the baby had Anencephaly.Speaking as one who has never experienced that appallingly painful situation, I thought abortion is not the preferred solution. There with the growth in medical, we could’ve cured him. However, after reading accounts from medical doctors of the great suffering involved, I reluctantly agree to ending the pregnancy by abortion.

So now, what will you say for the girl who was raped.? I would say has to decide that. If she wishes to carry and give birth to her child, who are we to stop that? She can give birth and later can give the child for adoption or else she can raise the child. Compelling her for abortion won’t work since already she will be dealing with loads of emotions as a result of that rape. It will not help to add to that the effect of killing her baby.

Motherhood is not just a hobby or a job. Not everyone wants a baby. I never want to have children. I hate children. Am I selfish? I don’t think so… Hey, at least a baby won’t have to suffer my indolent displeasure …

I know that all who read this will not agree with me and that’s completely okay for me.. My intent here is not to persuade readers to accept my thoughts but I want to provoke the way we think about abortion, the problem underlying and our behavior and attitudes…



What do you think about this?

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