Royal Birth!!!

“Congratulations on your new bundle of joy” I will be saying this later this day to my sister and brother-in-law.. Our heart will bounce with all the joy and happiness of this world. So right at this moment, I wish to write a letter to my sweetheart … 

Dear Sweetheart,

Wow, we are finally going to meet each other. You are almost there in this earth.. Your mom and dad was waiting for this moment, these 9 months and everyone in our family is so excited to meet you… Pretty soon they gonna see you, touch you and fall for you.. They will be excited and nervous to hold you in their arms. You will be spending much time with your mom enjoying the life… I wish to be with you there and steal some of your time with your mom to be with me …

Just wait until you meet your mom and dad.. They gonna be the wonderful parents and they will take exquisite care of your heart.. You are so lucky to have your sister who is so sweet and lovable… She will love you more than anything else and will stay as a friend to you forever.. She will cuddle with you, play with you, guide you, inspire you and will shape your life in this Earth as a worthwhile… 

My wish is that we stay close to each other always.. The way I’m to your sister, though we never communicate on phone, I believe I was special to her and vice versa.. The same way I wish you to stay close to me and that no matter what’s happening, you know you can always come to me, share whatever’s on your heart and I’ll always love you no matter what… No matter what happens between us, always remember one thing sweetheart, I always love you.

Welcome to this Earth.. I’m happy to have you in our family!!! 

I wish for you all the love, happiness and success in this universe. 

With all the love,

Your Aunt 🙂 


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