Book: What is in it for me?

I woke up around 12:30 AM and I felt that I couldn’t go back to my sleep.This often happens, whenever I have so much to think or do. I used to stay awake staring at the ceiling or the fan and end up frustrated, angry – sometimes blaming my family. And today I got up to do something instead of my usual habit.

thaneer desam

So with a cup of tea in my hand I pulled a book  from my chaotically stacked shelf. I selected a book which I didn’t recall seeing before. Now after seeing the cover page, I remember that book. It’s one of the boooks that belonged to  my uncle. It was the one I got from my grandma after my uncle passed away, but then after stuffing them along with my other books I forgot about the book all these years. Now after 5 years, I took it out.

When I opened the book, I found few dried flowers along with vermilion powder. My uncle was a great follower of God. When I found those dried flowers and powder, I felt that as a gift from my uncle to me. I smiled as I gently touched the faded purple, red and yellow flowers that was given to me. I felt he is blessing me from being somewhere.

I read a page and another and then another and kept reading and then I closed it only after completing the whole book. 

I think I should and will share this book with everyone in the family and friends. Reading a physical book now-a-days has become a memory, though holding the book gives us greatest pleasure…

I don’t know if my uncle enjoyed this book. He may have never gotten around to reading. I wish that he has read this and enjoyed as much as I enjoy them now.. I wish that I had read this earlier and discussed with my uncle.. Then I would’ve known whether he enjoyed, what he enjoyed, whether we both share same interests regarding this book…

I’d love to know ways you love reading books …


What do you think about this?

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