Book of Memories!!!

best-friendPeople try to forget their loved ones if they end up with some issue. Why is it so? They are trying to get rid of the memories of their loved persons.. The memories always will hold the bond between both the persons even though they are not together at that moment..

We both have so many beautiful memories.. There are so many special thoughts about you in my life book.. I feel happiness and pleasure whenever I recall the  moments which brought us together .. You have given me many sweet memories to perish.. Those memories which we shared in a bright, gloomy days were still blooming in my mind. . Your smile and laughter added a bright note that made my life worthful … Friendly chats, this and that, fights, your kindness, my possessiveness and everything are the evidence of glorious things … And when I recall these memories, as I move along life’s way they grow more precious and blessed with every passing day… Thank You my dear!!!



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