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Shocking ~~ TET Results!

teacherThe state has some of the most highly-rated schools, but if results of the Tamil Nadu Teachers Eligibility Test are any indication, primary and middle school teachers here don’t make the cut. There were so many rumors after the TET results were published. One main thing was whether TET is really neccessary?

Out of 6 lakh who appeared for the exam only 27, 092 have passed. The district wise results gives us heart attack cosidering the number of teachers who passed this test…

The educationists are researching on why the teachers couldn’t pass this test though this year the question paper was damn easy.. What is the reason for this?

Though we can’t determine a teacher’s capability from the test scores, how a teacher prepares for class every day is most important. The results were of great embarrassment. May be the complacency, lack of focus and poor preparation as reasons for the poor performance…

Since the Teacher Eligibility Test was made mandatory for selection let’s hope that there will be some positive changes with the B. Ed training and also with the teachers … Only those changes will get us teachers who are REAL!!!



2 thoughts on “Shocking ~~ TET Results!

  1. Thank you for sharing your views on TET results. With the increase in education and students enrolling for studies, there is a more need of efficient teachers. This becomes the primary concern for the education system and the results for TET were not that great . regards

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