Startups: Leadership Lessons




If you are looking for books on leadership, then you can find plenty of books presented by all sorts of Business Gurus. But do you think that they will provide us with all the secrets we need to succeed …?? Honestly NO..




Being a leader is not about glory or status. Far from that, leadership is first and foremost about total dedication and even sacrifice.

When you are a leader, you have to work harder than others. You have to give your 100% in all the tasks. The pressure and responsibility are not the one that everyone or anyone can handle… Being a leader is a mission, a duty, and serious lifestyle that you must embrace wholly or not embrace at all.


Always you have to care for people. . They’re your most valuable assets. If you want them to follow you, you have to earn their respect, loyalty, and appreciation.  The best and most sincere way to do that is to care about them. Then other people will be dying to work for you, too. If at all possible, following socratic method with the people will help to succeed in this..


Always encourage two-way dialogue with your people and listen to them, regardless of their position. In today’s world everyone will have something to contribute. When engaged in a powerful two-way conversation, it inspires people. Make them feel ecstatic..


Empower your people.. Give the opportunity to those people who can shine. Hand them a blank canvas and let them create, innovate, and accomplish – and above all, find satisfaction in their work.


So next time, when you go and look for a book,  consider if instead of buying those books whether you could try to draw some insights about the leaders you know before billing … You may be surprised …


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