Friends, Love and Relationship…

friendsEverybody has felt it at one time or another, be it for a person, pet, or even for some non-living object. That feeling is love. Humans are fascinated with love. We need love, we crave love, and we’ll do anything for love. History, Stories, Poems, Sonnets, Paintings, and so much more are devoted there for love …

Friendship is a word that is thrown around without people understanding the true meaning of it. In our lifetime, we may have many acquaintances but very few true friends… Some always complaint about friendship between a boy and a girl. Usually most people used to say that “Friendship between a boy and a girl never end up with friendship.” How will you interpret this statement?

Whether it is fair or unfair, a relation always should have its beginning. While discussing about love, not all lovers have their love at first sight. Its just words to magnify how deep your love is …

A friend is always a friend and not a GF / BF. A friend is one who always brings smile on your face. That friend is the one who is gonna be with you in all the ups and downs of your life… But still love between friends is acceptable with so many now-a-days… The words are harder than you’d imagine to choke out. Because sometimes defining something so abruptly changes a friendship—changes a relationship that you might not be ready to let go of.

After all, we pick our friends because we like them… What will happen But what happens when the friendship tries to strive afterwards? When they tried and it failed, but one can’t let go? Is it time to pack up, move on? Or should we continue to be friends, hoping that one day, we’ll feel the same about each other?

Relationships aren’t easy—sometimes, we’re going to break each others’ hearts. They take time, work, care, love and concern. It’s easy to shatter them.  It’s easy to get lost, to completely lose everything you’ve ever known.  But it isn’t easy to bind the broken hearts together…

So be careful…


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