Little Help …

So here I’m with another social issue which I never thought I would come up with…

We’re growing in a tremendous way in respect with the various industries but still have we achieved something much more than the machines? In respect towards saving human, helping them to fulfill their basic needs?

Today, the mentally ill are back on the streets, more visible than at any time in living memory. Have they simply been cast out to save money? Living on the streets with a mental disorder can often be a hell… We aren’t ignoring people suffering from health issues then why ignore those with mental illness …?

Most of the people are ended up in streets because their families ignored them. The family members ignore their illness either in the name of superstition or fear of caring the ill. Those are the people who need care of a child. But we often fail to show that care.

If we see such person in street, we try to keep as much distance from them as possible. . But this isn’t what to be done. It’s not that we are gonna get them to our home and care them. At least we could contact an asylum and let them know about that person so anyone from asylum can come and take care of them.

Though they are mentally-challenged, I see them more civilized than we are. They dispose their wastes properly and I’ve never seen a person who spits or put garbage in the streets. What we call ourselves as normal people are the one who spoils the streets. I’ve seen a person who collects all the garbage from the street and disposing it in garbage can. Few years back a lady in our area used to turn off the FM (which was in our bus stop) when people are not in that bus stop. I never had the courage or sense of duty to do that.

It’s really distressing to see them wander in streets. Most of us are intimidated by the appearance of the mentally challenged. But they are like any of us; they just need a little… 



What do you think about this?

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