I buy this story

MagicLong before I started my actual writing, I’ve heard of believing few things we know not whether they exist or not, which we have never experienced or seen. But still people believe them the way they are.  Few things can’t be explained but still it grasps people’s belief. How come Forbes didn’t think of Asher’s satellite phone which was used by Mike Banning to maintain contact with Jacobs and Trumbull? How come God called to the call center agents (one night at the call center)? How come Harry Potter was not dead after seeing Nagini …? Whenever we approach someone with these type questions, the response obviously would be “Come on man, sometimes you gotta believe”

And that is the hardest part to believe in – Magic. As with sixth sense, we wanna believe in something which is with evidence and real. It is really hard to believe that a magician can do so many things and yet he leads a deprived life…

The thing is, deep down, I think we want to believe in fantasy.

I remember when I was watching Transporter 2… The car flips upside down and knocks the bomb off the bottom of the car… Staring at the screen, I was like “Aw, how did that happen…?” But then heck, common sense would tell you there is a rational explanation for that.

Still there I was with my eyes on screen ready to buy the story as it was pictured because I believed in that fantasy. Even years after watching so many movies, I used to wonder at many things.

Now, I find myself more and more enamored with the concept of things wild and wonderful. And now-a-days it seems that we are surrounded by loads of magic it seems. Granted, we can’t make food out of thin air or manipulate the weather with our thoughts, but almost all of us carry a device in our pocket that has access to infinite knowledge. With the touch of a finger, we can communicate with friends and loved ones on the other side of the planet.

A click of a button allows us to update everyone about everything… Cars can sense when you’re drifting into another lane, a simple click will share anything and people can travel to other continents in a matter of hours. We seem aware of each other every day as the world grows smaller and smaller. And all because of fantastical elements that were nothing more than a dream a generation ago.

And that my friend, is the “MAGIC”. Maybe not the Potter kind, but it exists.

All you have to do is believe and buy it…


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