Self Acceptance …

I wanted to open up this topic for quite some time. I finally decided to write it now.

LGBT Art !!
LGBT Art !!

At times, we get something in our life which we never asked for or which we never wanted.. Say for example may be you are an atheist or may be you are born with extra fingers or may be you are flat nosed and this can be a big list. So being a gay or lesbian or bisexual too is just like that … Different but NOT EVIL or SIN..

With your atheism you’ll have few difficulties in adjusting with others or vice versa. So being gay or lesbian is same too.. You’ll have few difficulties and obstacles for sure, but then now-a-days you can get around others…

You can be happy. I mean it’s your life and it’s not your fault that you are born either gay or lesbian.. It’s just hormones and ofcourse, you’ll have to face so many stupid comments, negative looks and much worst on the negative side. But on the positive side, you can have so many friends who accept who you are the way you are…

But one thing, never try to fool around with others. Since you know who you are, don’t lie to others and hide about you.. When others are revealing themselves (whom are considered as normal by this society) why can’t you ..? Fooling others like hanging with your opposite sex will make you feel trapped and nervous and for sure after sometime when you realize that’s not working out, you’ll stop hanging out and you’ll start being alone with yourself (which is worst than fooling others)

But one thing I would like to say here is “Don’ try to make yourself fit for other’s shoes. You are who you are”. Accept it!

Our society has got a bad way of understanding and expressing about this gender role ideology. . So my dear friend, if you are reading this, please treat them as an equal and accept them as who they are.. Will you …???



What do you think about this?

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