Friends I can’t Wait to Meet!!!


Okay I shouldn’t have used Friends… Because, it’s just one person…

images (1)In our life, there would’ve been a friend whom we can’t wait to meet everyday… I had such a friend and am grateful for that…

She is who made my life in school special… She made my mornings cheerful and my evenings happy. Sometimes when I think of her, I laugh and I cry having our past in mind… I’ve been in a situation wherein people stare and thought that I’m crazy… They never understood the bond we shared and the thoughts I had which gives smile and tears even when am alone but surrounded by those people who never understood…

I can’t wait to meet her…

Literally it’s been soooooo long since we both met, but her thoughts linger in my heart and gives pleasure to me always. Though we communicate rarely, I can hear her voice in my heart whenever I think of her…

What I want to say is that I have never, and will never give up on you…!!! Whatever happens between us, I will stay loving you forever and ever … I LOVE YOU!!!


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