Me and My Poems

tulip1 copyI want my poems to reflect who I am and what I feel. I want it to evoke an emotional response when it’s read and I want it to mean something and I don’t wish to make any profit from it.

I pour my life and soul as my words, trying to reflect my emotions in words as best as I can. In recent days, people started caring for money more than they care for art. Only few really care for art and I wish to be one among who cares for art and not for money. The only way to ensure it is to remain a hobbyist and not look for a job as poet or writer J

Though I don’t hold a degree in Arts and wasn’t taught how to express myself with words, I just do it and I love what I am doing. But no one can teach you how to express yourself right…? If the finished product reflects what you were feeling when you started the work and nothing broke and no one got hurt, who cares about degree or professionalism?

It’s all about soul and emotion. If you lose that, all you have is paper, ink and some words… Never become that.


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