My Love for a Cup of Tea…!!!

Every morning it seems as if I am in a fog until that a warm cup of tea touches my lips. Some people will be fresh in the morning the moment they wake up. But I am extremely opposite to that scenario. I am addicted to this tea. I will start having throbbing headaches and I will look barely awake without the tea. I am so much attracted to the flavor. I will have tea with all food items like I will intake tea after having an ice cream or after some sweets or after my dinner… I welcome tea anytime every time.  Making perfect cup of tea is an art according to me. If the brew is little screwed then it will screw the whole day for me… So one thing I look forward is a well brewed cup of tea.

The whole family apart from my younger sister, everyone is fond of tea (not like me really). But still they enjoy the taste of tea always. Speaking of which, my mom is kind of alcoholic to tea but she too is not in the way I am. The aroma of the tea always gives me pleasure memories and I think that’s where I started getting obsessed with tea. The aroma of cocoa in Black tea, honey and orchids in Oolong tea (China special), lemon, green bean, white flower and cocoa in Green tea were special ones which makes me fresh and energetic and obviously my favorite too.. I wish to taste White tea and Pu-erh tea (no idea what the ingredients or how the taste will be)…

Am obsessed with tea mugs too the way I am with tea…  And I choose mugs to have tea mostly based on my mood… The Black and White mug is my all time favorite.. And I have no luck in getting a lilac one (which I think will look nice). I have even tried once having creamy tea too … I mixed sugar and cream in the tea (cream my sister had it for preparing something) and it was okay.. I mean since I prepared I had it with the expression of Yeh! Am enjoying creamed tea!!! …

Even while marking this, I was half way in preparing tea for me… Finally I am done. I inhaled the fragrance of the tea and with exciting heart I took my mug and poured. The fact that am gonna enjoy my tea was giving chilled shivers to me. Whoa! My tea was perfect and I am not going to keep my cup down until I finish… I am always gonna stay the same at least with this love for tea. Am gonna be Tea-alcoholic for my entire life and that’s the only part which gonna stay the same in my crazy life…


What do you think about this?

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