Dear …

Hey dear, I was wondering for a long time actually, what would I call you if there is no word as “Friend”?? Who would you to me da..? Would I call you my treasure …? Or my Love …? Or an Angel …? Or a Special Gift ..?? 

I dunno da .. Because you were there for me in all my ups and downs and I dunno what I would name your relationship which was meant a lot to me …

You were there for guiding me out of my fears for the life.. You were there as an answer for all my confused calls… You were there with an open and kind heart whenever I was rough… You were there to pour your unconditional love for me whenever I needed one… You were there as full of smiles whenever I was crying… You were there to travel along with me whenever I was weak or helpless… You were there as a path when life provided hurdles to me… 

What should I  name you da…? May be just “SOMEONE SO SPECIAL” …????


What do you think about this?

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