I often find myself thinking of so many things, fear as a part of it… Especially the fear of losing someone or something… In my childhood, I never gave much thought about participating a contest for the fear of losing it.. This may sound stupid or crazy but that’s the truth.. When I realized that my fear about everything doesn’t count anything in my life, I’ve wasted a large part of life which I couldn’t get back..

I’ve led my life without any serious purpose. I’ve dreams.. I’ve dreamt of being Air Force PILOT.. And when I know I cannot make it , I didn’t give up. I didn’t proceed further.. Stupidly still now I’m hoping some miracle may happen to me.. Main reason for this is I’m afraid to face the failure of my dream.. I’ve not made my family to be proud of me.. I always thought of becoming a role model for my younger siblings (I think I’ve achieved this bit a little).. I always wanted people to look at me and tell me that they didn’t give up because of me.. But in most of the things I used to give up easily..

I fear my future will never come, my life ending unfinished.  Most of all, I want to throw away my fear of losing and wish to try everything. I wish to come to a state of mind wherein I never care about win or lose situations… I wish to take them a lesson for my life and I hope I succeed in this…


What do you think about this?

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