My mom and few of my friends say that I should stop collecting pens and I shouldn’t spend on something which is not worth. They never understand my love towards pens. I feel like I am surrounded by thousands and thousands of butterflies whenever I touch a pen. When I shared this, they thought that I’m out of my mind. May be or maybe not.

Always my answer to them is, “pens are closer to my heart, they are the ones who helps me keep up with my spirit, they help me communicate well, they help me wording my every feeling. Aren’t they the bridge between me and my feelings?

As for me, collecting pens is valuable and it shows that I care for them… I actually appreciate them, for I rely on them on phrasing my feelings. I salute to PENS!!!

Pens are the unsung hero and I wish that everyone around the world will understand and appreciate its value. 


What do you think about this?

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