Soldier – The Hero !!!

This is rather difficult for me to pen down. This is tough to see, think, express or to put in writing. There lied a soldier who is a genuine warrior, who was down to earth honest man in his coffin. I value and honor his courageous service towards saving us. I wish everyone in this universe to remember him as they grow old. I don’t want his service be gone astray with our ignorance to respect for him. In my childhood, I remember seeing men in uniform running, exercising, practicing, preparing. I remember a person whom I have watched in uniform and felt proud but when the same person returned losing a leg and walking with a limp, I never considered nor gave even a single thought why he was so or what made him so. It still makes me feel so apologetic and humiliated for the way I was. I was way too hard working on my life and making it perfect and colorful when my fellowmen were dying. Finally when I realized and went to him and asked about his leg, he displayed the battle scars to me which made me even more shameful for my ignorance all these days. I cried out loud realizing how worst the battle scars are and how dreadful our soldiers are suffering to guard our country. I salute this soldier who sacrificed his life for he was the one who guarded me and made us free to enjoy our life. I finally understood that all those abrasions my fellowmen have were endured for me. He never cared when he was tired when I sit at home and refuse even to lift or push something behind. He never cared about his food or drink, when I was complaining about everything I got. He stood there tall and proud and made me undignified for my ignorance. I regret that I didn’t realize this sooner in my life and that I took a promise that I will never forget or ignore the sacrifice of a soldier.


What do you think about this?

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