Friends always stay close and special  to our heart. We come across thousands and thousands of people in our life… But not everyone come and stay in our life always..  People change always and sometimes how they change confuses us a lot.. Some people whom we would’ve thought our best buddy would’ve changed suddenly and that change would hurt us.. In other case someone whom we would’ve never given a thought about would’ve become close one to us.. Either the change of people will be a blessing to us or curse to our life…

In some way, friends play a major role in our life and they get more space than family.. We don’t share any blood relation with friends but still they fill our heart.. It’s not like all the friends who are close to our heart needs to be in touch often.. Their memories or sometimes even their name itself will give a huge smile to us and cheer us up… 

Having such a friend will make our life heaven so instead of like trying to have hundreds and hundreds of friends one friend who is worth to stay with us throughout our life in all the ups and downs of life will be a blessing and such a friend will make our life heaven


What do you think about this?

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