Life: My View!!!

A book actually changed my view on life. So far, life is just a race & I’ve been chasing and running behind something which until now I’m not sure what that is. Copper Sun, helped me in many ways to shape my view towards life. I work hard; I question myself whether I spend quality time with family and friends… With friends, of-course with so many available social media and with family, it was honestly NO. When I go to sleep usually it is the time for my sissy to get to their work (School and College). When I start my work, it is their bed time.

Though I earn for family, the time spending together will be more worth and valuable than what I earn and what I bring home. In-spite of timing, we had an understanding. I should be thankful for that. Suddenly everything seems to collapse after my dad’s loss. I had to take control of the family and I had to work in a real hard manner. Am still not sure whether am fulfilling my duties as elder child to the family. When I was struggling to fulfill and muddle through the loss, I happened to read Sharon Drapper’s Copper Sun and after that I had a fantastic view over life. I got a faith on myself and I started to see all the available positive ways of the life. From then Amari is my inspiration and role model

If I ever have to refer books to my friends or family, I will refer Copper Sun.


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