Raksha Bandhan Heartbreak

Before few years, my friend (let’s call him Amar) received a SMS in the form of a warning which told him to run away if he sees a woman with a shining object in her hand. He was been advised to run away as the object could be a ‘deadly’ rakhi. And the SMS told that it was the goodness of male society. 🙂

I came to hear a story from Amar that when he was in his college, he was inspired by one girl who was his classmate. He used to go to college only to see her and he never misses a single day of his college. Alas and there came his friend (let’s call him Veer) who also had some emotion for the same girl. This guy my friend, was shy type and I don’t think that anyone has ever noticed his presence in his class apart from staffs (while collecting attendance). Now coming back to that girl, she has invited Veer to her house on Raksha Bandhan. Veer was desperate and decided not to go. But then he didn’t want to turn down that offer since he thought this may be a chance he could show his mind to her. Amar who came to know this and he was happy since he thought that she would tie Rakhi in Veer’s hand… So he beseeched Veer to take him also to her house. There happened a tragedy in my friend’s life. Instead of tying the Rakhi in Veer’s hand, she did tie in Amar’s. Poor Amar! He went in to hiding for nearly ten days to come over this heartbreak. Though this happened few years back, still I remember every year when the festival of rakhi comes near. I wonder how many unwanted rakhis poor Amar must have collected in later years!!!


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